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Dekkdale Farms Ltd.


Dekkdale Farms Ltd. are Canadian Hay and Grains: Producers; Buyers; and Exporters, growing and nurturing food for human and animal consumption. We also offer Custom Farm services, sell lightly used Tractors and Farm Equipment, and offer Consignment Tractors and Farm Equipment services.

In 2022 we began our new venture offering farm equipment at farmer-to-farmer pricing to combat rising equipment prices, as we heard most farmers grumbling. We are now selling lightly used and demo tractors, lightly used farm equipment, and offer consignment equipment for sale to other fellow farmers. Our products/services include:

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Hay and Straw Sales
Hay and Straw Sales

Hay and Straw Producers, Buyers and Exporters...

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Used and Demo tractors for sale
New and Used Tractors

New and lighty used demo tractors for sale...

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Used and Demo tractors for sale
Farm Equipment for Sale

New and lighty used Farm Equipment for sale...

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Tractor Consignment, Farm Equipment Consignment
Tractor and Equipment Consignment

Consignment Tractors and Consignment Farm Equipment

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